Wacam Shares its Mining Advocacy with Jomoro Coconut Farmers Association at Tikobo number one

Wacam was invited to participate in the Annual General Meeting of Jomoro Coconut Farmer’s Association on the 25th September, 2015 at Tikobo Number One in the Western Region of Ghana. Present were all the executives of the association and their members who were about 25 in number.


The programme started around 10:00am at the chiefs’ palace with the reading of the minutes of previous meetings. This was followed by the changing of the associations’ name. The association gave Wacam the opportunity to share with them the mining experience. Wacam made two presentations at the meeting. The first one was the overview of mining followed by the compensation and resettlement principles of Ghana.


Members of the Coconut Farmer’s Association were highly appreciative and made Wacam aware of their intention to invite Wacam to meet the entire community since they were experiencing some form of abuses with regards to compensation issues. They made claims to the fact that some companies and individuals were grabbing farmlands and that such activities were seriously affecting them and their livelihoods. The group also hinted Wacam of some prospecting activities going on at Tekobo Number Two. They complained that   the search for minerals was disrupting farming in that area