Let’s Protect Our Environment From Irresponsible Mining-DKA Austria Learning Exchange Participants

Participants of a learning exchange programme from Austria sponsored by an Austrian Organisation DKA are calling for communities to protect their lands from irresponsible mining. The participants are in Ghana to attend an intercultural programme with the aim of understanding other cultures and adapting them to change attitudes towards global development. As part of their visit, they had a session with Wacam on the organisation’s mining and community rights advocacy campaigns.

DKA Austria has partnered Wacam since 2013 in ensuring that the rights of vulnerable communities to natural resources essential for their food security and livelihoods are respected, protected and fulfilled through inclusive and responsible governance of natural resources using the Free Prior and Informed Consent principle. The partnership has led to empowering affected people in mining communities economically through sustainable livelihood training programmes. Wacam has a standing learning and sharing programme with students groups from universities in Austria through DKA Austria’s support.