World Water Day Celebration: Let’s Protects our Water Resource- Government and Citizens Told

Centre for Environmental Impact Analysis (CEIA) and WACAM, a non-governmental organization and a premier community based human rights and environmental mining advocacy group, has called on the government and all citizens to ensure the protection of water resources from being destroyed by irresponsible mining operations from “Galamsey” actors to multinational mining companies.

According to them, water has higher social, economic, health, cultural value which outweighs the economic returns from the exploitation of our natural resource, hence the need to protect water resources from destruction.


In commemoration of this year’s World Water day on the theme: “Valuing Water”, a joint statement signed by Executive Director of Centre for Environmental Impact Analysis (CEIA), Dr. Samuel Obiri and Associate Executive Director of Wacam, Mrs. Hannah Owusu-Koranteng, stressed on the need for water bodies in the country be kept clean and safe from destruction.

“…when water is inadequate in quantity and quality, it can serve as a limiting factor in poverty alleviation and economic recovery, resulting in poor health and low productivity, food insecurity, and constrained economic development”.

“…the theme: Valuing Water, is the most opportune time for all stakeholders to reflect on the critical role water plays in the nation’s socio-economic developmental agenda”.


“World Water Day”  is an annual United Nations (UN) observance day held on 22 March that highlights the importance of freshwater. The day is used to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

The theme of each day focuses on topics relevant to clean watersanitation and hygiene (WASH), which is in line with the targets of Sustainable Development Goal 6. The UN World Water Development Report (WWDR) is released each year around World Water Day.

The theme of World Water Day 2021 is “Valuing Water”.